New Technology

How important is it to keep up to date with new technology?

A digital portfolio is usually looked at as the perfect compliment to a physical portfolio, although now in this day and age run by technology, it seems as if the physical portfolio is seen as “old school“.

The Novelty Factor

If you are looking to impress your reviewer with your advanced technological abilities, then it is advised to express that through your portfolio. Interactive design earns any designer a gold star when it is listed under their skills on their resume. Interactive designers are in high demand and if it is evident that you are capable of utilizing this technique, it is in your best interest to showcase that in your portfolio. Even if you haven’t acquired this specialty, even having the ability of creating a portfolio that carries iPhone or iPad capabilities is impressive. It is the simplicity of swiping through your work effortlessly and monthly that catches the reviewer’s attention.

Digital Artwork

When creating design pieces, they are obviously all created on digital interfaces, specifically the Adobe Creative Suite. Although it is instant gratification to hold your final piece of work, printed and looking beautiful, it will never compare to the color accuracy and sharpness that it withholds on the screen. There is a certain margin of accuracy error that printing your pieces may contain, therefore the best way to avoid this is presenting your work on an interface that is completely accurate in translating your creative process effectively and honestly. There is a stronger level of gratification that is portrayed on the lit-up screen on the digital interface that is preferable for the reviewer’s experience.

Keeping Up To Date

After you print your project, there is no turning back, you cannot command+z a physical piece of work. Therefore, a digital portfolio has more editable potential and if you want to add a project last minute or discover a typo, you can just go to the file source and edit it then save it. If you were to only have a physical portfolio, this editing process would require re-printing and cutting your pages. Although re-printing isn’t that much more work, it requires more time and money than just simply exporting it. This reduces paper waste and is better for the environment as well. Although some skeptics never believe that the digital portfolio will completely replace the physical portfolio, the example of the evolution of photography may be used as a comparison. Most people would’ve never thought that film photography could be replaced by digital, however today it has arguably completely taken over the dark room age. Now, it just takes half a second to share a beautiful picture with the entire world, why would someone want to waste their time and create a physical version that may not look as great quality when holding it in your hands?


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