Social Action Project: Inviting Hische

Jessica-Hische-01Jessica Hische serves as a huge inspiration to me as a designer, someone who I look towards for creative direction. I would describe my personal design aesthetic as simple, feminine, soft and minimalist. I appreciate Jessica’s talent for hand-type and ability to create something amazing out of a simple letter. Her attention to detail and creative imagination is both fascinating and encouraging. Coming out of university, it is always a worry graduating with a creative degree because of the job market (see number 12). However, it is always so inspiring seeing a designer such as Jessica who started at the same exact place I am at today. This gives me hope that I will one day be half the designer that she is.

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A group of designers called The Society of Design feel the same way that I do about Jessica. However, they have taken their appreciation to a whole other level. SOD, or The Society of Design, is a 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit organization dedicated to multidisciplinary design education and community service. The organization provides opportunities specifically pertaining to the discourse of design while providing inspiration to its members and the general public through an annual speakers series, tours, exhibits, and other initiatives.The organization is also committed to serving the community and participating in fundraising efforts to support other non-profits.

SOD started a social action project called “Inviting Hische” in order to convince Jessica to come speak for them at an event. For this project, the designers came up with an unorthodox invitation that would be too large to be sent in the mail. The designers found 27 people agreeing to change their license plates so that, when put together, they would spell out an invitation to Jessica asking her to speak at a SOD event in Pennsylvania. Responding through a tweet, Jessica accepted the invitation and spoke at a SOD event. I find this very interesting because my favorite part about it is how SOD came up with such a creative way to ask Jessica, rather than just a letter in the mail or an email. It shows that anything is possible because while creating the license plates, four of them were turned away because individually, they spelt something that was deemed inappropriate. The designers overcame that problem by re-writing the entire invitation to fit on the exact same number of license plates. This also shows the nature of the design field, we are paid to solve communication problems effectively while maintaining an overall pleasing aesthetic.

Elements of Design

Elements of Design